Hakura (hakura) wrote,

OMG A update =D

I almost forgot I had this lol but at least I have a reason to update it.

After much debate on wether I wanted to or not, I applied for the Tech Support job over at Convergys. I was assked to come in for an assessment and then to come back for an interview the next day =D I was kind suprised but welcomed it. Turns out, I got the job ^^ I start training there on Aug 2nd and I'll take things from there. @@

Starts off with 10$/hr so that beats my current 8$. Seems to be a decent place to work according to all the people I know that work there. Bev, Ryan, Landon and who knows else =D So should be an interesting development @@

At least making a bit more I can start to pay of my credit card a bit more, and Convergys even helps with your tution if you go back to school =D

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