April 4th, 2006

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About 2 weeks ago I had sharp pains in my stomach and sides, I walked around and brushed the pain aside thinking it was just cramps cause it was close to that time of the month.

However about 5 days after that, I was woken up in the middle of the night with the same pain again, except this time it intensified.... it was constricting in my breathing and spread around to my sides and my back. But it went away in about 10 minutes and I thought nothing really of it.

Then last week Monday, I woke up with the same pains again except as soon as I stood up the pain brought me too my knees, and withen minutes I had trouble taking full breaths. However none of the pain was in my chest, all in me stomach and sides. It hurt to breath move it was like nothing I had ever felt before it was so unbelievably, painful. So I got scared and called my mom at 2:30am and asked her to come pick me up and take me to the hospital. Half way there the pain subsided and I decided to just stay over at my mom's house. All was well for a week...exactly a week lol

Tonight I was just about to go to sleep and around 12am I started to feel the pains coming again so I phoned my mom and asked her to come and pick me up and take me to the hospital again while I was still in pain so that I would have a better chance of being seen in Emergency.
So I went there still in lots of pain. I finally got in to see them after about 1 1/2hr's and everything seems to think I've been suffering from Gall Bladder attacks. Which does run in my family.

It could be Gall stones which can be dissolved by laser, or I may I have my Gall Bladder removed which isn't anything serious, and you can live without it. They scheduled me to get and Ultrasound done within a week or so. The sooner the better for me @@

I go and see my family doctor tomorrow so I'll see what he has to say as well. Needless to say I was very scared when I got my first sevear attack, the pain was like nothing I've felt and restricted my breathing to small short breaths, even speaking was diffucult.

But at least I will find out fairly soon what this is, and I'll feel more at ease. So wish me luck ^^ I know it shouldn't be anything more serious then that, but you never know. *huggles to everyone* forgive my bad spelling it's 3am and I'm a little nervous.