Well I picked up the unsensored version of Team America from work today, and I can't wait to watch it tonight XD I want to see what they cut out lol

I swear thats the funniest movie I've seen in a long time XD Other then that, I'm looking forward to my camping trip. Which I think is going to take a lot of the stress I'm feeling off my back. <3 the Outdoors.

Also my computer is still making weird sounds @@ but not as much so I think another fan is dying. I'm thinking it's my CPU fan @@ So Bev I might need your help again when I pick one up @@

Camping XD

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Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
created with

I thought that was an interesting test ^^

On another note, I can't wait for the long weekend @@ I really really really can't wait to go camping with my friends. I need to get out of this city for a while and bask in nature. I feel most at home with nothing around me but trees, grass, and water it gives me a sense of completion and serenity I can't find anywhere else. We haven't quite decided where we are going but I think we will end up at Falcon Lake or somewhere else in the Whiteshell region.

I'm in the works on my video now, and I have to say it feels good to create again XD I'm not sure how many people are coming to the Winnipeg anime con, but I'm hoping it will be done by that time ^^ I'm also looking forward to cosplaying Ed there too =D Since I couldn't go to Anime North I hope Ai-Kon is at least half decent. I'll have to make sure I go to AN next year, alone or not ^^

Internet =D

Yay yay yay yay XD I got my internet set up at my new place ^^ I've really liking it here so far, big place, easy access to everything I need, banks, stores, resturants, it's great =D

I do miss being to close to all my friends but meh, thats no big deal ^^ One bus to work too. Moving has given me inspiration to make a new music video =D I don't know if it will be done in time for the Winnipeg anime convention, but if it is I'll definatly submit it ^^ I should host a AMV panel there ^^ I think people would like that, after all there are a lot of people interested in AMV's here in Winnipeg and I'm sure having some inside help would be great =D I've done panels at many conventions in the past. Anime North, Aka-kon, Sakura Con and AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta, the biggest AMV con out there ^^)

On another note, I feel really great about having my own place, I can do what I want when I want and it's great. I've been given responsibilities at Best Buy now @@ I've been asked to take over PSP exchanges in the store, and I'm one of two people in the whole store that knows how to do it now. Makes me feel special =D My name is even on the Supervisior Duties board =o even though I'm not a sup it makes me feel cool =^_^= I hope to be able to move into the media area soon though, I miss selling games and movies ;-; *hugs random gaming systems*

Anyway, I've rambled enough @@
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Well, I went looking at apartments with my mom today and I picked one out and will be moving in May 1st. It's a nice place and for a great price. All utilities included and has central air, which was one thing I needed as a must have because I get sick very easily from heat. It's got a sauna, pool, rec rooms and it's close to all sorts of shopping so its great cause I don't have a car.

Granted there are a fair number of seniors living there but that doesn't bother me in the least. I'm quiet, self contained and get along with old people just fine. Working at Tom Hortons for 2 years will do that to a person hehe. It's in a nice area up in North Kildonan, close to the area I used to live in, close to my mom and my aunty. I literally have a Blockbuster Video behind me and Safeway just up the street =D

The suite it's self is fair sized for a bachelors, it's got a big kitchen area and the window faces the North so I won't have sun coming in my room. Thank god, because I died with the sun facing me. I got my internet and phone line all set up today so it should be ready to go almost as soon as I move in. Granted I'm going to be tight on money all the time with little to spend on myself, but at least I can say I have my own place.

I'm happy that Arlenes mom will have one less load on her, as she has been so kind to me this past year when my life went to hell. I also know that she is close to claiming bankruptcy. I don't want to see her to have to do that, so I hope that Arlene is able to move out on her own as well soon. Her mom has said to me that she really just wants the place to herself, and to possibly move in with her mother next door. I mean I'm not making a lot of money and I don't have full time hours and I'm going to be strapped for cash and most likely will have to vist the food bank in my new area every once in a while to help me out with my food, but thus is life. You do what you have to do to live. I also still have a monster of a credit card bill to pay, which I JUST got back on track with after a year of bad payments. It's still minimum $80 a month for me to pay, which is all it's going to get as I can't afford more, so well at least that covers the interest.

I wasn't planning on moving out sooner then June 1, but when I asked if that was ok I was told there was another person looking at the place so I took it for May 1. This causes a few problems for me but whatever, nothing I can't deal with. Just means very little food and furnishings for the first litle while. I was hoping to save up more money during this coming month, but oh well. So I go short on food for a bit oh well =p

I'm going to ask Arlene's mom if I can use/buy the computer desk and chair sometime soon as I have no furniture at all XD Well...minus a day bed my mom got from my aunty.

Overall, I like the place, my mom loved the place and hey for $382 a month ALL ult and Central Air included who can complain XD Damn I'm good, I know how to shop ^^ I think the reason such a nice place is so cheap is because it's 95% a seniors block. I'm so happy old people don't bother me, and I bet I'm one of the few young people now a days that can say that.
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All I have to say is today is my birthday and Monster Ep 44 KICK MY ASS!! Holy shit I never expected that ending XD

Johan, I love you XD Best Anime 'villan' ever ^^

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You Are a Dreaming Soul

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Forgiving and tolerant, you see the world through rose colored glasses.
Underneath it all, you have a ton of passion that you hide from others.
Always hopeful, you tend to expect positive outcomes in your life.

Souls you are most compatible with: Newborn Soul, Prophet Soul, and Traveler Soul

Reflection on 2004

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Honestly, this was a very very bad year for me. Moving away wasn't really my choice and it was the worst time of my life. When I came back, and even to this day I've been finachinaly unstable and struggling to get by. I was depressed 90% of the time, didn't want to be with or around anyone but myself.

Thankfully when I got home, my friends started to get me out of it, and if it wasn't for them I don't know what I would be like right now. I discovered FMA early in Janurary of 2004 and followed it every week and I'm so glad I did, because it was the best series I have ever seen. It got me back into a creative streak and back into making amv's. I'm so happy it did too, because I had such a lack of creativity from depression that I wans't doing anything but playing Ragnarok Online and sulking deeper into myself. It's scary, you know, feeling alone.

For 2005 I'm looking forward to finding a good job, and visitng conventions if I can. I would like to start saving up to go travel places as well ^^
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Wow...I downloaded it today (really want to buy it too ><) and listening to it. It is amazing....lives up to the first in every way. This one is much more angster because it comes from the second half of the series, but I like it that way XD

As usual, I cried listening to it because of all the memories it bring back from the series. But I like that, it really shows how much the music can effect and compliment what you see. I love music and I love imagining different things to music I'm tempted to make a Hagane Tribute video using different parts of the ost XD <3

I highly advice you to download it because there is only one word for it.

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